Certified residential property valuations at a click of a button.

Have confidence knowing what a property is valued at prior to making a commitment on a mortgage or even before you make an offer.

The home valuer platform

What We Do

hovr makes it easy and convenient to value residential properties before you commit to a mortgage and also allows you to maintain your privacy.

Unlike market appraisals, our certified valuations can be used to secure a mortgage and takes the stress out of property purchases and investing.

Our platform is also convenient for legal professionals who need a valuation as well as SMSF Trusts that need to value properties held by the fund. We can also help boutique mortgage providers who require a certified valuation for mortgage processing.

The process

Just like other platforms we connect our customers with the service providers, these are the certified valuers.


Login or Register

Login or Register and then select the valuation type you are after. Full certified valuation for a mortgage, a desktop valuation that is accurate and used for your own records or the basic just out of interest valuation.



We then send the request, without your details, to a certified valuer in the region where the property is located. They are given a day or two to complete this and we will let you know when the numbers are in.


Report delivered

As soon as the valuation is received from the valuer we will send it on to you and also update your profile with the value from the report. If you apply for a mortgage, the certified version is all you need.


Each type of valuation takes a different amount of effort so we set the pricing accordingly.


$50.00 Get Started


  • Basic property valuation
  • Private and Secure


$150.00 Get Started


  • Fast and Accurate
  • Private and Secure


$400.00 Get Started


  • Mortgage Ready
  • Private and Secure