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Back in 2021 hovr was born. After considering the idea for many years and having been victim to the way banks and their panel valuers operate, our founder decided it was time. Using the familiar Uber model, we sought to partner with the organisations that currently provide the valuers to the banks and have them work with us. The idea for buyers is that you can get a certified valuation, know with certainty how much money you will need to meet the Loan Value Ratio (LVR) and then use this (and get a refund) with mortgage providers we partner with.

Since the start we have always wanted to make the property market fairer and help buyers, seller and investors by providing a fair way to know what the real market value of a house or residential property is worth. We then extended this to SMSF auditors and legal firms, who also require property valuations that aren't part of a mortgage.

As we move along we will keep adding features such as mortgage tracking via Open Banking. That way we can help you track your wealth and equity. The final stage is to then grab rental income information for investment properties so we can help you track your returns and understand if a property is performing well.

As an extension of the Open Banking, if you let us, we will share any valuations you conduct on hovr with your bank and see if they will reduce your interest rate. Why would they do that? Well, the valuation is going to give them a better idea on the risk they carry, the lower the risk the less cash they need to hold against it.

So, sign-up with hovr and enjoy the benefits we offer now and what we will add as the go on the journey together.

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